Projects and collaborations

NSD is part of broad national and international networks, projects and organisations building research infrastructures and resources for research.

International projects and collaborations


NSD is the Norwegian service provider to CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives). CESSDA is a European research infrastructure aiming to give researchers comprehensive access to research data and thereby new insight and knowledge, across organisations and national borders. CESSDA opened its main office in Bergen, Norway in 2014.


NSD takes part in CESSDA SaW (Strengthening and Widening). The aim of CESSDA SaW is to strengthen and expand collaboration, raise the quality of the archives that already form part of CESSDA and enable archives that are not currently incorporated in CESSDA to fulfil CESSDA’s membership requirements. The project is financed by the European Union (Horizon 2020).

DDI Alliance

NSD is a member of DDI (Data Documentation Initiative), and uses its metadata standard for documenting and describing the data produced by surveys and other observational methods in the social, behavioural, economic, and health sciences.


NSD is responsible for the archiving, processing and distribution of data and documentation in ESS (European Social Survey). ESS has approximately 100 000 users from around the world. Since ESS was launched in 2001, NSD has played a part in its central organisation and is a member of its Scientific Core Team. ESS’official website is run by NSD. ESS is an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium), a full legal entity under Union (EU) law. This specific legal form is designed to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of Research Infrastructures of European interest.


NSD is a member of ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research), an international consortium of more than 750 academic institutions and research organisations. ICPSR provides leadership and training in data access, curation, and methods of analysis for the social science research community.


NSD is a member of IFDO (International Federation of Data Organisations for the Social Sciences), an organisation aiming to facilitate and support research through cooperation between data organizations across countries, regions and continents.


NSD became a member of ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) in 1989. ISSP carries out surveys in up to 45 countries. NSD is responsible for the Norwegian part of the survey. Since 1989, a significant time series of data has been built up, offering researchers a unique opportunity to analyse changes in attitudes and values over time.


NSD is represented as a third linked party (through ESS and CESSDA) in SERISS (Synergies for Europe's Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences). The aim of the project is to draw up common supranational solutions to challenges related to survey design, data collection and data management. The project is financed by the European Union (Horizon2020).

National projects


NSD NORDi (Norwegian Open Research Infrastructure) aims to develop user-friendly solutions to store, access and cite research data. NSD is using its NORDi project to build the user services of the financed by The Research Council of Norway.


NSD works in collaboration with Statistics Norway in RAIRD (Remote Access Infrastructure for Register Data). The ambition of RAIRD is to develop a functional web-based research tool for register data that will develop new technology for the storage, processing and analysis of large and complex data collections. The aim is to ease and increase researchers’ access to register data while taking legal issues into consideration. RAIRD is financed by The Research Council of Norway.


NSD is a project partner in eVIR (e-infrastructure for Video Research), led by the University of Oslo. The main objective of eVIR is to build a national database for the storage of video data, which facilitates sharing and re-use of data within a secure privacy protection framework. NSD’s role is to develop and operate the video-data archive while taking care of ethical and legal issues. eVIR is financed by The Research Council of Norway.
eVIR website

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