Individual Level Data

NSD gives access to a vaste amount of individual level data. Individual level data denote information about individuals, either contributed by the individuals themselves in surveys etc., or collected from registers. We prepare and deliver data from surveys within a wide specter of topics ranging from living conditions, health, labour, and use of media to elections, democracy, and social values. Our agreement with Statistics Norway on dissemination of data for research purposes is central in this connection. 

NSD's archives contain also data from a several public registers, as from the National InsuranceSystem, The General GP Scheme, and a number of national censuses.

All individual level data available to users are anonymized.

"NSDdata" - Norwegian surveys

NSDdata is a collection of datasets published in Nesstar. All datasets are thoroughly documented with study descriptions and survey questions. Some datasets can be analyzed on-line or downloaded for further analysis, whilst others require the submission of an electronic application form. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or phone (+47) 55 58 21 17.
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Poll Archive

The archive includes more than 40,000 questions from 1964 to today. Data are supplied by the polling agencies TNS Gallup, Response Analysis, ACNielsen Norway, Opinion and Synovate.
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Life Course Studies (LOGG)

Statistics Norway (SN) and NOVA – Norwegian Social Research have in the project “ACCESS Life Course Database” established an easy-to-use file for the research project “Life Course, Generation and Gender (LOGG)” from 2007/2008. The original datasets contains complex data and thus difficult to use. The LOGG easy-to-use is now available from NSD. Read more >>

Register Data

Welfare Data

Welfare Data contains information about NSD's data services and data sources, which are especially relevant to welfare research. The service is an open and free of charges research infrastructure that gives access to data and data documentation to a number of data sources and systems that make it possible to combine data from different sources.  The following main areas are included in the service:

  • Data from the National Insurance System, the Social Welfare,  and the Labour Market
  • Data from the Regular GP Scheme
  • Data from the Patient Ombudsman System

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NSD's Generation Database

Data about children and their parents and grand parents. Data are obtained from the National Population and Housing Censuses (1960 - 1990), the Central Person Register, and some other national registers. The database is completely anonymous, in that the 11-digit national identity number has been removed and substituted by a other number with no connection to the original number. Thus it is not possible to connect to micro data from sources outside the base. To further prevent the identification of the individual parts are replaced with information about bith and home municipality of ditto county. Read more (in Norwegian).

NSD's Census Data Bank

The Census Data Bank consist of a 8,33% sample of Statistic Norway's prepared editions of the Census in 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990. Read more (in Norwegian).

Multi-National Data


Have access to thousands of data and meta-data set from a number of European data archives. The data are available for on-line analysis. Read more.  


The barometers measure the people's subjective assessments concerning quality of life questions. In addition to the core questions, each barometer does as a general rule focus on one or a few specific topics of political or scientific interest. Read more.

European Social Survey (ESS)

ESS contains comparative data on the interaction between Europe's changing institutions and the attitudes, beliefs and behavior patterns of its diverse populations. Data is collected in more than 30 countries. Read more.

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

ISSP is a comparative multi-national survey carried out in more than 40 countries World wide every year. Read more.

Youth and History

Youth and History contains data from 1995 from several countries about diversities in history knowledge and interest . Data are collected from pupils aged 14 and 15 years old plus their teachers. Read more (in Norwegian).

Health Behavior in School-aged Children (HBSC)

Data are based on comparative surveys carried out in a number of countries. Data from all participating countries are compiled by NSD in an multi-national  data base. Read more.

Value Studies

The European Values Study is a large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal survey research program on basic human values. Read more.

The World Value Survey collects data on values and cultural changes in societies all over the world. Read more.


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