For several years NSD has been giving priority to the development of educational technology in order to stimulate the use of data. Furthermore the idea is to contribute to the development of analytical and methodological skills among users. While earlier computer-based teaching materials consisted of software on a floppy disc and a textbook our recent products are web based.

ESS EduNet

European Social Survey Education Net (ESS EduNet) is a web based training programme, developed by NSD, aiming to facilitate and enrich access to and usage of empirical data in the social sciences. ESS EduNet

School Elections

School elections have been conducted in upper secondary schools prior to every the general and local election in Norway since 1989 including the referendum on Norwegian EU membership in 1994. The school election projects have two sub-projects, the elections themselves and an election survey carried out among students in order to monitor young people's attitudes to elections and politics. Data for the school elections can be downloaded from the net. [More...]

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