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NSD is a national archive and center for research data. Our aim is to ensure open and easy access to research data, and to improve opportunities for empirical research through a wide range of information and support services.

NSD’s core value is that research data is a collective good that should be shared. The principle of open access, equal treatment and sharing of research data has guided our activities since our start in 1971.

Freeing up capacity for researchers

NSD is a tool for research and offers services which aim to free up resources and capacity for research. Our goal is to give researchers access to data without major legal, economic or practical obstacles. NSD archives and disseminates data for both national and international research communities. Enabling sharing and re-use of research data

NSD develops solutions that lower the threshold for storing and sharing data – solutions that ensure the preservation of research data for the future, and that provide opportunities for safe and effective data-sharing.

As part of our contribution to providing researchers with access to updated data services, we actively participate in collaborative efforts to develop research infrastructure, both nationally and internationally. We follow the international FAIR principles for research data: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.

National competency center for data protection in research

NSD has one of the largest professional communities in Europe with competency in the field of personal data protection in research. We assess whether research project which will process personal data meet the requirements of data protection legislation, and offer guidance and courses on personal data protection, for researchers and students.

Internationally certified

NSD is a Norwegian service provider in CESSDA ERIC. NSD’s archive is a certified "Trusted Digital Repository".


NSD is a corporation owned by the Ministry of Education and Research. The board has highest management authority, with Petter Aasen as chairman of the board. The managing director is Vigdis Kvalheim.

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