Administrative Division

The Swiss Confederation is situated in Central Europe, bounded to the north by Germany, to the east by Austria, to the south by Italy and to the west by France.

Switzerland consists of 23 Kantone (cantons or states), three of them are divided into Halb-Kantone (half-cantones). Because the half-cantons have full cantonal rights for most affairs, the number of cantons can also be given as 26. As each canton can determine its own internal organization, in some there exist districts (named Bezirke or Arrondissements), some of which are again subdivided in Kreise. At the local level all cantons are divided into political communes (Gemeinden), which vary greatly in size, population and resources. Other local divisions may exist within the same territory as the political commune, e.g. church communes, school communes etc. The coexistence of several types of communes within the same area is a distinctive characteristic of Switzerland.

NUTS structure

Switzerland consists of 1 NUTS 1 unit, 7 NUTS 2 units and 26 NUTS 3 units. The NUTS 3 units correspond with the cantones and half-cantones.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
CH01     Région lémanique  
CH011       Vaud
CH012       Valais
CH013       Genève
CH02     Espace Mittelland  
CH021       Bern
CH022       Freiburg
CH023       Solothurn
CH024       Neuchâtel
CH025       Jura
CH03     Nordwestschweiz  
CH031       Basel-Stadt
CH032       Basel-Landschaft
CH033       Aargau
CH04     Zürich  
CH04       Zürich
CH05     Ostschweiz  
CH051       Glarus
CH052       Schaffhausen
CH053       Appenzell Ausserrhoden
CH054       Appenzell Innerrhoden
CH055       St. Gallen
CH056       Graubünden
CH057       Thurgau
CH06     Zentralschweiz  
CH061       Luzern
CH062       Uri
CH063       Schwyz
CH064       Obwalden
CH065       Nidwalden
CH066       Zug
CH07     Ticino  
CH07       Ticino

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