European Parliament Elections

Electoral system

Sweden elects 18 members to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on proportional representation. Sweden comprises one, national electoral district for these elections. Similar to national parliamentary elections, the modified St. Laguë formula is utilized and the legal threshold is set to 4 percent. Party lists are closed but non-blocked. Hence, voters may express preferences for a certain candidate on their favoured party list. The required threshold for election on the basis of personal vote in EP elections is 5 percent.

Latest elections:

In the EP elections of 2009 the opposition Social Democratic Party (SAP) won five seats after getting 24.41 percent of the votes. The governing party the Moderates (M), won four seats and 18.83 percent of the votes. The results for the two major parties were almost identical to the results in the 2004 elections. The Liberal People's Party (FP) came third winning three seats ahead of the Green party (MP) who took two seats. The new Pirate Party (PP), which advocates shortening the duration of copyright protection and allowing non-commercial file-sharing between individuals, won one seat in parliament with 7.13 percent of the vote. The Left Party (VP), the Centre Party (C) and the Christian Democrats (KD) also won one seat each.

Election results 2009, main parties. NUTS 3


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