EU Related Referendums

Two EU-related referendums have been held in Sweden; one in 1994 on the accession to the European Union and one in 2003 on joining the European Monetary Union. After the EU accession in 1995 the Swedish position on the European Monetary Union (EMU) was not entirely clear, as the accession agreement included no formal exemption from the parts of the Treaty of Maastricht dealing with the single currency. However, in November 2002 the parliamentary parties agreed to hold the referendum on Sunday, 14 September 2003.

The Moderate, Liberal, Social Democratic and Christian Democratic parties were officially pro-euro, while the Centre, Left and Green parties were on the 'No' side. However, hardly any of the parties were completely united. Into the final week of the campaigning there was a clear 'No' lead, although the 'Yes' campaign was expected to throw everything into the last few days. The 'No' side kept their lead into the election day, winning 57.09 percent of the votes. The referendum question, "Do you think that Sweden should introduce the euro as currency?",was thus rejected.

Referendum on the European Monetary Union (EMU), 2003. NUTS 3


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