Administrative Division

Sweden is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula and borders to Norway in the west and Finland in the north and northeast. The Skagerak and the Kattegat lies to the west and southwest while the Gulf of Botnia and the Baltic Sea lies to the east and south-east. The country's two largest islands are Gotland and Öland, both situated in the Baltic Sea.

For administrative purposes, Sweden is divided into 21 counties (län). In each county there is a governmentally appointed county administrative board and an elected regional government county council. It should be noted that there has been some changes with respect to the country structure during the 1990s:  in 1997, the counties of Malmöhus and Kristianstad merged into Skåne and in 1999 the counties of Skaraborg, Gothenburg and Bohus and Älvsborg merged as Västra Götaland and the county of Kopparberg changed its name into Dalerna. The counties are further subdivided into just below 300 municipalities governed by a directly elected municipal assembly (kommunfullmäktige).

NUTS structure

Sweden has 21 NUTS 3 units, 8 NUTS 2 units and 1 NUTS 1 unit. The NUTS 3 level equals the counties.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
SE Sweden  


SE0   Sverige    
SE01     Stockholm  
SE010       Stockholms län
SE02     Östra Mellansverige  
SE021       Uppsala län
SE022       Södermanlands län
SE023       Östergötlands län
SE024       Örebro län
SE025       Västmanlands län
SE04     Sydsverige  
SE041       Blekinge län
SE044       Skåne län
SE06     Norra Mellansverige  
SE061       Värmlands län
SE062       Dalarnas län
SE063       Gävleborgs län
SE07     Mellersta Norrland  
SE071       Västernorrlands län
SE072       Jämtlands län
SE08     Övre Norrland  
SE081       Västerbottens län
SE082       Norrbottens län
SE09     Småland med öarna  
SE091       Jönköpings län
SE092       Kronobergs län
SE093       Kalmar län
SE094       Gotlands län
SE0A     Västsverige  
SE0A1       Hallands län
SE0A2       Västra Götalands län

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe