European Parliament Elections

Electoral system

Slovenia elects 7 members to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on proportional representation. Slovenia comprises one, national electoral district for these elections. The d'Hondt electoral formula is utilized and there is no legal threshold. Party lists are closed and non-blocked, meaning that voters are enabled to express preferences for a certain candidate on their favored party list.

Latest elections

In the 2009 EP elections the center-left success from the Presidential elections of 2007 and the Parliamentary elections of 2008 continued, with the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) emerging as the winner, with 26.66 percent of the votes and 2 seats, ahead of the Social Democrats (SD), also winning 2 seats. Both parties gained considerably compared to the 2004 EP elections; SDS gained 9 percentage points while SD gained 4.3 points (ran as ZLSD in 2004). NSi came third with 16.58 percent (down 7 percentage points from 2004), winning 1 seat, while LDS and ZARES came fourth and fifth respectively, winning one seat each.

Election results 2009, main parties. Electoral Districts


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