Administrative Division

Slovenia is situated in Central (or South-eastern) Europe and borders to Italy in the west, Austria in the north, Hungary in the northeast and Croatia in the east and the south.

While the constitution defines two political-administrative levels - municipality and regional levels - only the former exists in practice. In 1994, the structure of 66 communes was abolished in favour of 147 municipalities. In 1998, the number of municipalities increased to 192 and in 2002 one more municipality was added. For electoral purposes, Slovenia is divided into 8 electoral units, further subdivided into 88 electoral districts (11 districts in each unit).

NUTS structure

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
SI0     Slovenija    
SI00     Slovenija  
SI001       Pomurska
SI002       Podravska
SI003       Koroska
SI004       Savinjska
SI005       Zasavska
SI006       Spodnjeposavska
SI009       Gorenjska
SI00A       Notranjsko-kraska
SI00B       Goriska
SI00C       Obalno-kraska
SI00D       Jugovzhodna Slovenija
SI00E       Osrednjeslovenska

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe