Administrative Division

Slovakia is situated in East Central Europe. The landlocked country borders to Austria in the east, the Czech Republic in north-west, Poland in north-east, Ukraine in the east, and Hungary in the south.

For administrative purposes, Slovakia is divided into eight regions (kraje), which are further subdivided into 79 districts (okresy) and just below 3000 municipalities. Elected representatives are found on regional and municipality levels.

NUTS structure

Slovakia has 8 NUTS 3 units, 4 NUTS 2 units and 1 NUTS 1 unit. In the parliamentary elections, Slovakia has since 1998 been made up by one, national electoral district. However, the results are often reported at district level (which corresponds to the NUTS 4 level) or regional level (which corresponds to the NUTS 3 level). Prior to 1998, there were four electoral districts: Bratislavsky kraj, Zapadne Slovensko (West Slovakia), Stredne Slovensko (South Slovakia), Vychodne Slovensko (East Slovakia).These correspond to the NUTS 2 level.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
SK Slovakia      
SK0   Slovenska Republik    
SK01     Bratislavsky kraj  
SK010       Bratislavsky kraj
SK02     Zapadne Slovensko  
SK021       Trnavsky kraj
SK022       Trenciansky kraj
SK023       Nitriansky kraj
SK03     Stredne Slovensko  
SK031       Zilinsky kraj
SK032       Banskobystricky kraj
SK04     Vychodne Slovensko  
SK041       Presovsky kraj
SK042       Kosicky kraj

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe