Head of State:President Ivan Gašparovič

Head of Government:Prime Minister Robert Fico

National Council (Národná rada):150 members

Last election:Legislative, 10 March 2012

Next election:Presidential, due 2014

Parliamentary elections

Presidential Elections

The president is elected for a five-year term. The electoral system is based on the majoritarian two-round system. The 2009 Slovak presidential elections were held on 21 March and 4 April. Seven candidates participated in the first round..[read more]

Election results 2009, national summary.

EP elections

Slovakia elects 13 members to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on proportional representation. In the European Parliament elections of 2009, SMER turned out as the winner, with 32,02 percent of the votes and 5 seats. SDKU-DS, SMK-MKP and KDH won 2 seats each, while LS-HZDS and SNS won 1 seat each..[read more]

EP Election 2009, main parties. NUTS 3

EU related referendums

A referendum on the accession to the European Union took place in May 2003. Most of the main political actors took a positive stance to the accession issue..[read more]

Referendum on the Accession to the European Union, 2003. NUTS 3