European Parliament Elections

Electoral system

Romania currently (2009) elects 33 MP's to the European Parliament. On 1 January 2007, as the country joined the European Union, 35 members were nominated by the national parliament and served until the 2009 EP elections were held.

Latest elections

In the EP elections of 2009 the two parties in the ruling coalition, the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and Prime Minister Emil Boc's centre-right Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), broke a regional pattern of opposition victories by emerging first and second with 31.07 percent (11 seats) and 29.71 percent (10 seats) respectively. PNL won 5 seats and UDMR won 3 seats. 3 seats also went to the far-right Greater Romania Party (PRM), an ultra-nationalist grouping which accuses the large Hungarian minority in Transylvania of disloyalty to Romania, winning 8.65 percent of the votes. In 2008, it was voted out of the Romanian parliament. The final seat went to former model Elena Basescu (the daughter of President Traian Basescu), running as an independent candidate.

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