Administrative Division

Romania is situated in south-eastern Europe and borders with Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, Ukraine, and Moldova.

Romania's administration is relatively centralized and administrative subdivisions are therefore fairly simple. The territory is divided into comune (communes), cities (towns and cities) and judete (counties). There are 2,686 communes (rural areas), 262 towns and cities (urban areas) and 41counties, plus Bucharest, which holds a similar status to that of a county. The 41 counties, plus Bucharest equals the 42 NUTS 3 units.

Each county is headed by a County Council and a Prefect. The County Council is elected and its function is to coordinate the activities of communal and town Councils for securing the public services of county interest. The Government appoints a Prefect in every county as its local representative.

Eight development regions (specific territorial entities without administrative status, or legal personality) have been created by voluntary association. These regions correspond to the eight NUTS 2 regions.

NUTS structure

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
RO1   Macroregiunea unu    
RO11     Nord-Vest  
RO111       Bihor
RO112       Bistrita-Nasaud
RO113       Cluj
RO114       Maramures
RO115       Satu Mare
RO116       Salaj
RO12     Centru  
RO121       Alba
RO122       Brasov
RO123       Covasna
RO124       Harghita
RO125       Mures
RO126       Sibiu
RO2   Macroregiunea doi    
RO21     Nord-Est  
RO211       Bacau
RO212       Botosani
RO213       Iasi
RO214       Neamt
RO215       Suceava
RO216       Vaslui
RO22      Sud-Est  
RO221       Braila
RO222       Buzau
RO223       Constanta
RO224       Galati
RO225       Tulcea
RO226       Vrancea
RO3   Macroregiunea trei    
RO31     Sud - Muntenia
RO311       Arges
RO312       Calarasi
RO313       Dâmbovita
RO314       Giurgiu
RO315       Ialomita
RO316       Prahova
RO317       Teleorman
RO321       Bucuresti
RO322       Ilfov
RO4   Macroregiunea patru    
RO41     Sud-Vest Oltenia  
RO411       Dolj
RO412       Gorj
RO413       Mehedinti
RO414       Olt
RO415       Vâlcea
RO42     Vest  
RO421       Arad
RO422       Caras-Severin
RO423       Hunedoara
RO424       Timis

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe