Head of State:President Aníbal Cavaco Silva

Head of Government:Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho

Assembly of the Republic (Assembléia da República):230 members

Last election:Legislative, 5 June 2011

Next election:Presidential, due January 2016

Parliamentary elections

Main political parties, descriptions and election results 2011
Party Description Votes % Seats
PPD/PSD - Social Democrats Social Democratic 38,63 105
PS - Socialist Party Social Democratic 28,05 73
CDS/PP - Democratic and Social Center/People's Party Christian Democrat 11,74 24
PCP-PEV (CDU) - Democratic Unity Coalition Communist 7,94 16
BE - Left Bloc Communist 5,19 8

Presidential Elections

The Portugese president is elected by popular vote to serve five-year terms. If a candidate fails to receive an absolute majority on the first ballot, a runoff election between the two leading candidates is held within two weeks..[read more..]

Election results 2011. NUTS 2

EP elections

Portugal elects 22 members to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on proportional representation. In the European Parliament elections of 2009, the Social Democratic Party (PPD/PSD) came out as the winner, with 31.71 percent of the votes and 8 seats in the Parliament...[read more..]

Election results 2009. National summary