Poland - Political parties

Party descriptions and CMP left-right scores
Party Type 91 93 97 01 05 07 Average
PO Liberal/Conservative -10.6 1 6 -1.2
PiS Christian Democrat 4.7 -1.6 9.8 4.3
PSL Agrarian 3.6 -8 30.6 35.9 -1.5 2.3 10.5
SLD Social Democratic -3.4 -10.5 9.2 -0.6 -1.3
MN Ethnic-Regional 2.7 -10.2 2 0 5.7 0.1

The table shows the periodical scores on left-right position as given in the Comparative Manifesto Project (Volkens, Andrea, et.al., 2010). The scores range from -100 (left) to +100 (right).

Type: Tentative grouping of political parties and alliances based on information provided in the Comparative Manifesto Project and from party descriptions in Europa World Yearbook, Encyclopædia Britannica and in election reports from the European Journal of Political Research and/or Electoral Studies.

PO - The Civic Platform - (Platforma Obywatelska)

Also called the Citizens' Platform, PO was founded in 2001 by the independent presidential candidate Donald Tusk and factions of the Freedom Union (UW) and Solidarity Electoral Action (AWS). It's a conservative-liberal party advocating flat tax rates, privatization and de-monopolization, narrowing the privileges enjoyed by trade unions, and allocation of a larger portion of the budget for local government.

PiS - Law and Justice - (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość)

PiS is a conservative political party established in 2001 by the Kaczyński twins: Lech, president from 2005, and Jarosław, party president and prime minster since 2006. PiS projects a traditional, eurosceptic and populist image. It has been claimed that their social policies are based on the anti-socialist Social Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

RP - Palikot's Movement - (Ruch Palikota)

Founded in 2010 as Movement of Support (Ruch Poparcia); name changed to Palikot's Movement in 2011. Headed by Janusz Palikot,a former Civic Platform (PO) MP.

PSL - The Polish People's Party - (Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe)

Heirs of the agrarian wing of the Communist-era National Unity Front. It has retained its left-wing views and has repeatedly entered coalitions with the post-communist SLD.

SLD - Democratic Left Alliance - (Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej)

SLD is one of the main Polish social democratic parties. A coalition of parties used this name from 1991 to 1999. The coalition was established mostly by former members of the communist PZPR and the Polish United Workers Party, which ruled the People's Republic of Poland with Soviet support before 1989. It was formally established as a single party in 1999.Today SLD is a pro-European (pro-EU) social democratic party.

MN - German Minority - (Mniejszość Niemiecka)

MN is a party of the German minority in Poland, in the Opolski region.


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