Administrative Division

The Republic of Poland is situated in Eastern Europe, bounded to the north by the Baltic Sea and an exclave of the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad Oblast), to the northeast by Lithuania, to the east by Belarus, to the southeast by Ukraine, to the west by Germany and to the south by the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For administrative purposes Poland is divided into 16 voivodships, 379 counties, and 2478 communes. Administration in voivodships is performed by local government and central government bodies. Local governments in a voivodship is in the hands of the voivodship assembly elected in general and direct suffrage for a period of four years and, as the executive body, the office of voivodship marszalek (head), elected by the voivodship assembly. Counties are local government units where authority is wielded by a county council elected in general and direct suffrage for a four-year period. Executive authority is implemented by the office of county starosta (head), chosen by the county council.

Communes are administrative units within the administration of the county. A commune council is elected in general and direct suffrage for a four-year period. Executive government is in the hands of a commune administrator in rural communes, of a mayor in urban-rural communes, and of a president in large urban communes, elected in direct suffrage.

NUTS structure

Poland is divided into 6 NUTS 1 units, 16 NUTS 2 units, and 45 NUTS 3 units. The NUTS 2 units correspond to the 16 voivodships.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
PL11     Lodzkie  
PL111       Lodzki
PL112       Piotrkowsko-skierniewicki
PL113       Miasto Lodz
PL12     Mazowieckie  
PL121       Ciechanowsko-plocki
PL122       Ostrolecko-siedlecki
PL124       Radomski
PL126       Warszawski
PL127       Miasto Warszawa
PL21     Malopolskie  
PL211       Krakowsko-tarnowski
PL212       Nowosadecki
PL213       Miasto Krakow
PL22     Slaskie  
PL224       Czestochowski
PL225       Bielsko-bialski
PL226       Centralny slaski
PL227       Rybnicko-jastrzebski
PL31     Lubelskie  
PL311       Bialskopodlaski
PL312       Chelmsko-zamojski
PL313       Lubelski
PL32     Podkarpackie  
PL321       Rzeszowsko-tarnobrzeski
PL322       Krosniensko-przemyski
PL33     Swietokrzyskie  
PL330       Swietokrzyski
PL34     Podlaskie  
PL341       Bialostocko-suwalski
PL342       Lomzynski
PL41     Wielkopolskie  
PL411       Pilski
PL412       Poznanski
PL413       Kaliski
PL414       Koninski
PL415       Miasto Poznan
PL42     Zachodniopomorskie  
PL421       Szczecinski
PL422       Koszalinski
PL43     Lubuskie  
PL431       Gorzowski
PL432       Zielonogorski
PL51     Dolnoslaskie  
PL511       Jeleniogorsko-walbrzyski
PL512       Legnicki
PL513       Wroclawski
PL514       Miasto Wroclaw
PL52     Opolskie  
PL520       Opolski
PL61     Kujawsko-Pomorskie  
PL611       Bydgoski
PL612       Torunsko-wloclawski
PL62     Warminsko-Mazurskie  
PL621       Elblaski
PL622       Olsztynski
PL623       Elcki
PL63     Pomorskie  
PL631       Slupski
PL632       Gdanski

Commission on Standardization of Geographical Names Outside Poland (KSNG). Administrative Division of Poland 2006.

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe