Administrative Division

The Netherlands is situated in the Western Europe and borders to Germany in the east, Belgium in the south and to the North Sea in the north and west. The Netherlands also comprises the autonomous oversea territories of the Netherland Antilles and Aruba.

For administrative purposes, the Netherlands is subdivided into 12 provinces, and 458 (2006) municipalities (Gemeenten). The municipalities and the provinces both have an elected council and their own administration. In 1987 the municipalities received more political independence from the provincial supervision.

NUTS structure

The Netherlands has 40 NUTS 3 units, 12 NUTS 2 units and 4 NUTS 1 units. The provinces equal the NUTS 2 regional level.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
NL The Netherlands      
NL1   Noord-Nederland    
NL11     Groningen  
NL111       Oost-Groningen
NL112       Delfzijl en omgeving
NL113       Overig Groningen
NL12     Friesland  
NL121       Noord-Friesland
NL122       Zuidwest-Friesland
NL123       Zuidoost-Friesland
NL13     Drenthe  
NL131       Noord-Drenthe
NL132       Zuidoost-Drenthe
NL133       Zuidwest-Drenthe
NL2   Oost-Nederland    
NL21     Overijssel  
NL211       Noord-Overijssel
NL212       Zuidwest-Overijssel
NL213       Twente
NL22     Gelderland  
NL221       Veluwe
NL222       Achterhoek
NL223       Arnhem/Nijmegen
NL224       Zuidwest-Gelderland
NL23     Flevoland  
NL230       Flevoland
NL3   West-Nederland    


NL310       Utrecht
NL32     Noord-Holland  
NL321       Kop van Noord-Holland
NL322       Alkmaar en omgeving
NL323       IJmond
NL324       Agglomeratie Haarlem
NL325       Zaanstreek
NL326       Groot-Amsterdam
NL327       Het Gooi en Vechtstreek
NL33     Zuid-Holland  
NL331       Agglomeratie Leiden en Bollenstreek
NL332       Agglomeratie 's-Gravenhage
NL333       Delft en Westland
NL334       Oost-Zuid-Holland
NL335       Groot-Rijnmond
NL336       Zuidoost-Zuid-Holland
NL34     Zeeland  
NL341       Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen
NL342       Overig Zeeland
NL4   Zuid-Nederland    
NL41     Noord-Brabant  
NL411       West-Noord-Brabant
NL412       Midden-Noord-Brabant
NL413       Noordoost-Noord-Brabant
NL414       Zuidoost-Noord-Brabant
NL42     Limburg (NL)  
NL421       Noord-Limburg
NL422       Midden-Limburg
NL423       Zuid-Limburg

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe