Malta - Political parties

Party descriptions and CMP left-right scores
Party Type 96 98 Average
PN Conservative -9.5 -18.1 -13.8
MLP Social Democratic -22.6 -9.5 -16.1
AD Ecologist
AN Nationalist (right-wing)

The table shows the periodical scores on left-right position as given in the Comparative Manifesto Project (Volkens, Andrea,, 2010). The scores range from -100 (left) to +100 (right).

Type: Tentative grouping of political parties and alliances based on information provided in the Comparative Manifesto Project and from party descriptions in Europa World Yearbook, Encyclopædia Britannica and in election reports from the European Journal of Political Research and/or Electoral Studies.

PN - Nationalist Party - (Partit Nazzjonalista)

The PN was founded in 1881 as the Anti-Reform Party to protest against Anglicanization and taxation introduced by the British authorities. The PN was strongly in favour of independence in the 1960s. The PN has been in government since 1990 except for two years (1996-1998) during which the Labour party governed the country.

MLP - Malta Labour Party - (Partit Laburista)

The Labour Party was established in 1921 but suffered a split in 1949. Two fractions surfaced, one of them being the MLP. In 1955 the party formed government for the first time since the split. The party has been against Maltese EU membership and withdrew Maltese involvement in NATO's Partnership for Peace project while in government in the period 1996-1998.

AD - Democratic Alternative - (Alternattiva Demokratika)

AD was founded in 1989 and represents the green alternative in Maltese politics. The party ran for the first time in the 1992 parliamentary election but has not yet been able to acquire any seats in the legislature. The party is a supporter of Maltese EU membership.

AN - National Action - (Azzjoni Nazzjonali)

A right-wing party founded in June 2007.


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