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On 28 June 2005, the Chamber of Deputies took its first vote approving the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (55 MPs, of 60 in total, voted in favour). As the Constitution specifies that international treaties are to be ratified by parliament, it was decided by the government and parliament that the Constitutional Treaty would be voted on first by parliament, then the referendum would be held and finally there would be a second vote by parliament (under Luxembourg's legislative system, all bills have to be voted on twice, with a time gap of at least three months between the two votes) taking the results of the referendum into account. The referendum was held on 10 July 2005, and as voting was compulsory, 90.44 percent of the 220,717 people registered did vote. The overall result of the referendum was 56.52 percent in favor of the text. A majority of 'No' was recorded in only nine of the 118 communes. On 25 October, the Chamber of Deputies confirmed its first vote on the adoption of the Treaty and in accordance with the result of the referendum, this vote was close to unanimous (57 MPs voted in favour, one MP from the ADR voted against and two MPs were absent).

Referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, 2005


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Referendum results: