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Head of State:President Michael D. Higgins

Head of Government:Prime Minister Enda Kenny

House of Representatives (Dáil Éireann):166 members

Last election:Presidential, 27 October 2011

Next election:Legislative, due by February 2016

Parliamentary Elections

Main political parties, descriptions and election results 2011
Party Description Votes % Seats
FG - Fine Gael (Family of the Irish) Christian democratic 36,10  76
LP - The Irish Labour Party Social Democratic 19,45  37
FF - Fianna Fáil (Soldiers of Destiny) Conservative 17,45  20
SF - Sinn Féin (We Ourselves) Special Issue 9,94  14
SP - Socialist Party  - 1,21  2
PBP - People Before Profit Alliance  - 0,97  2
Others  -    15

Presidential Elections

The president is elected for a seven-year term by popular vote through a system of proportional representation..[read more..]

EP elections

Ireland elects 12 representatives to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on single transferable vote. The latest election to the EP was held on 5 June 2009. The opposition parties Fine Gael and Labour were considered winners of the election, with 29.13 percent (four seats) and 13.92 percent (three seats) of the vote respectively..[read more..]

Election results 2009, Election Districts

EU related referendums

Ireland has carried out several referendums related to the EU. Legally all changes to the Irish Constitution must be made by reference to the people, and a legal case in the 1980s established that European Union treaties had constitutional force and so were subject to referendum. The latest referendums held in Ireland dealt with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. The first one was rejected by the voters on 12 June 2008..[read more].

Referendum on the Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty 2009, second referendum. Constituencies