European Parliament Elections

Electoral system

Hungary elects 22 members to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on proportional representation. Hungary comprises one, national electoral district for these elections. The d'Hondt electoral formula is utilized and the legal threshold is set to 5 percent. Party lists are closed and blocked, meaning that voters do not have any opportunity to express interests for any particular candidate.

Latest election

The biggest winner in the 2009 EP elections was the centre-right opposition party, FIDESZ, which won 56.36 percent of the vote and 14 seats in the European Parliament (joint list with KDNP). The far-right Jobbik ('Movement For a Better Hungary') party also performed stronger than expected, with nearly 15 percent of the vote (and three seats), finishing just behind the governing Socialists (MSZP, winning four seats). MDF won the final seat, while the governing coalition partner of MSZP, the liberal Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ) was almost wiped off the political map, attracting only 60,000 votes or 2.16 percent.

Election results 2009, main parties. NUTS 3


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