Administrative Division

Mainland Greece is situated at the southern end of the Balkans, at the Peloponnesus peninsula, and borders to Bulgaria, the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and Albania in the north and to Turkey in the east. Around 3000 islands, including Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Euboea, the Dodecanese and the Cycladic groups, are located in the Ionian Sea (west of mainland Greece), the Mediterranean Sea (south) and Aegean Sea (east).

Greece consists of 13 administrative regions (peripheries), nine of which belong to mainland Greece and four insular. These regions correspond to the NUTS 2 level. The peripheries are further subdivided into the 51 prefectures (nomoi) which match the NUTS 3 level. At lower levels, Greece is divided into just over 1000 municipalities.

For electoral purposes, Greece is divided into 56 electoral districts which are primarily based on the prefecture structure. Two prefectures - Athens and Thessaloniki - have been divided into five and two districts, respectively. 

NUTS structure

Greece has 51 NUTS 3 units, 13 NUTS 2 units and 4 NUTS 1 units.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
GR Greece/Ellada      
GR1   Voreia Ellada    
GR11     Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki  
GR111       Evros
GR112        Xanthi
GR113       Rodopi
GR114       Drama
GR115       Kavala
GR12     Kentriki Makedonia  
GR121       Imathia
GR122       Thessaloniki
GR123       Kilkis
GR124       Pella
GR125       Pieria
GR126          Serres
GR127       Chalkidiki
GR13     Dytiki Makedonia  
GR131       Grevena
GR132       Kastoria
GR133       Kozani
GR134       Florina
GR14     Thessalia    
GR141       Karditsa
GR142       Larisa
GR143       Magnisia
GR144       Trikala
GR2   Kentriki Ellada    
GR21     Ipeiros    
GR211       Arta
GR212       Thesprotia
GR213       Ioannina
GR214        Preveza
GR22     Ionia Nisia  
GR221       Zakynthos
GR222       Kerkyra
GR223       Kefallinia
GR224       Lefkada
GR23     Dytiki Ellada  
GR231       Aitoloakarnania
GR232       Achaia
GR233       Ileia
GR24     Sterea Ellada  
GR241       Voiotia
GR242       Evvoia
GR243       Evrytania
GR244       Fthiotida
GR245       Fokida
GR25     Peloponnisos  
GR251       Argolida
GR252       Arkadia
GR253       Korinthia
GR254       Lakonia
GR255       Messinia
GR3   Attiki    
GR30     Attiki  
GR300       Attiki
GR4   Nisia Aigaiou, Kriti    
GR41     Voreio Aigaio  
GR411       Lesvos
GR412       Samos
GR413       Chios
GR42     Notio Aigaio  
GR421       Dodekanisos
GR422       Kyklades
GR43     Kriti  
GR431       Irakleio
GR432       Lasithi
GR433       Rethymni
GR434       Chania
GRZ   Extra-regio    
GRZZ     Extra-regio  
GRZZZ       Extra-regio

Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe