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Election results 2009, main parties. National summary

The 2009 elections resulted in the creation of a record 24 overhang seats, up from 16 in the 2005 elections, bringing the total number of seats in the new legislature to 622. The final results gave 194 seats to the CDU, 14 more than it had in the 2005 elections. The CSU took 45 seats. The CDU/CSU's future coalition partner, the FDP, won 93, up from 61, giving Angela Merkel's camp a total of 332 seats. In its worst showing since the end of World War II, the SPD lost 76 seats, dropping to 146. Its rival, the Left Party, won 76 seats, 22 more than in the outgoing legislature. The Green Party took 68, 17 more than in 2005.

On 28 October, the newly elected German Bundestag re-elected Ms. Merkel as Chancellor. Her second government comprised the CDU/CSU and the FDP.


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