European Parliament Elections

Electoral system

Finland elects 13 members to the European Parliament. The electoral system is based on proportional representation. Finland comprises one, national electoral district for these elections. Similar to national parliamentary elections, the d'Hondt formula is utilized and there is no legal threshold, and a voter gives his/her vote directly to a candidate, and votes are then pooled to parties.

Latest election

Election results 2009, national summary

In the elections for the European Parliament in 2009 the three largest parties, the National Coalition Party (Kok), the Center Party (Kesk) and the Social Democrats (SDP) took between 23 and 17 percent and each lost a seat compared to the 2004 results. The small Greens (Vihr) and the eurosceptic True Finns (Perus) saw a strong rise in support, receiving 12.40 percent and 9.79 percent respectively. The small Swedish People's Party retained their one seat, while the Christian Democrats (KD) won the final seat.


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