EU Related Referendums

A referendum on the accession to the European Union was held on 16 October 1994, and a clear majority of Finnish voters approved of the the country’s accession. All big parties approved membership, including the Centre Party (Kesk) which, however, was deeply divided among its members and adherents. Only the Left-Wing Alliance (VL) and the Christian League (SKL) were officially opposed. Even though the result showed a clear majority of 'yes' votes, the electorate was regionally divided in north and south. In the urban south the 'yes' votes dominated and the rural areas were strongly against.

As the Finnish economy is strongly export oriented and the exporters are mainly dependent on the EU market, economic factors, such as the fear of an economic crisis and deepening economic problems if Finland would not join, was seen as the driving force in mobilizing a strong yes opinion (Sundberg, 1995).

Referendum on the Accession to the European Union 1994. NUTS 3


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