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Head of State:President Sauli Niinistö

Head of Government:Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen

Parliament (Suomen Eduskunta):200 members

Last election:Presidential, 22 January and 5 February 2012

Next election: Legislative, due by April 2015

Parliamentary elections

Main political parties, descriptions and election results 2011
Party Description Votes % Seats
Kok - National Coalition Party Conservative/liberal 20,37 44
SDP - Social Democratic Party of Finland Social Democratic 19,10 42
Perus - True Finns Agrarian/nationalist 19,04 39
Kesk - Centre Party of Finland  Agrarian 15,77 35
VL (VAS) - Left Alliance Communist 8,12 14
Vihr - Green League Ecologist 7,25 10
SFP/RKP - Swedish People’s Party Ethnic-regional 4,29 9
KD - Christian Democrats Christian Democrat 4,04 6

Presidential Elections

Election results 2012, first round. Electoral districts.

EP elections

In the elections for the European Parliament in 2009 the three largest parties, the National Coalition Party (Kok), the Center Party (Kesk) and the Social Democrats (SDP) took between 23 and 17 percent..[read more..]

Election results 2009, national summary

EU related referendums

A referendum on the accession to the European Union was held on 16 October 1994, and a clear majority of Finnish voters approved of the the country’s accession..[read more].

Referendum on the Accession to the European Union. NUTS 3