EU Related Referendums

Several EU-related referendums has been carried out in Denmark. Apart from the European Communities membership referendum in 1972 and the Single European Act referendum in 1986, referendums has been held on the Ratification of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and 1993, and on the Amsterdam Treaty in 1998. The latest EU-related referendum was on Denmark’s participation in the third stage of the European Monetary Union (EMU) in 2000.

Among the parties in parliament the Social Democratic Party, the Social Liberal Party, the Center Democrats, the Liberal Party and the Conservative People’s Party all campaigned for a ‘yes’, meaning that parties representing 77 percent of the voters and holding 140 out of 179 seats were in favor of the full participation in the EMU. The ‘no’ side was represented by the left wing Unity List and the Socialist People’s Party and the right wing Danish People’s Party and Freedom 2000, a splinter group from the Progress Party. The Christian People’s Party also recommend a ‘no’.

On the referendum day all opinion polls indicated a close race. Against this background the result was surprisingly clear: 53.21 percent of the valid votes cast had voted ‘no’. The turnout was 87.60 percent, the highest since the referendum in 1972.

Referendum on the European Monetary Union (EMU), 2000. NUTS 3


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