Czech Republic - Political parties

Party descriptions and CMP left-right scores
Party Type 92 96 98 02 Average
ČSSD Social Democratic 4.6 0.2 0.3 -10.2 -1.3
ODS Conservative 39.8 17.5 30.3 40 31.9
TOP 09
KSČM Communist 12.9 -3.4 -9.4 -14.5 -3.6

The table shows the periodical scores on left-right position as given in the Comparative Manifesto Project (Volkens, Andrea,, 2010). The scores range from -100 (left) to +100 (right).

Type: Tentative grouping of political parties and alliances based on information provided in the Comparative Manifesto Project and from party descriptions in Europa World Yearbook, Encyclopædia Britannica and in election reports from the European Journal of Political Research and/or Electoral Studies.

ČSSD - Czech Social Democratic Party - (Česká strana sociálně demokratická)

A party initially formed in 1878, absorbed by the Communist Party in 1948 only to be re-established after the Velvet Revolution in 1989 (it was known as the Czechoslovak Social Democracy prior to 1993). Present-day ČSSD can be discribedas an European-style social-democratic party and advocates social market economy and is strongly in favour of European integration.

ODS - Civic Democratic Party - (Obcanska demokraticka strana)

Founded in 1991 by Václav Klaus following the collaps of Civic Forum. It is the strongest right-wing party in Czech politics and supports traditional right-wing policies of minimal state intervention and low taxation, coupled with a reduction of state bureaucracy. The party led the government in the period 1992-1998 and again in 2006.

TOP 09 - Tradition Responsibility Prosperity 09 - (NULLTradice Odpovědnost Prosperita 09)

Liberal/conservative party founded in 2009. Part of the current government with the ODS and the VV.

KSČM - Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia - (Kommunisticka strana Cech a Moravy)

KSČM the only former ruling party in post-communist Eastern Europe not to drop the communist title from its name. Although the party has been subject to several splits since 1992, it has remained an important party in Czech politics and came in third after the 2006 election. Contested 1992 election as Left Bloc (<i>Levy Blok</i>, BK) with minor partners.

VV - Public Affairs - (Věci veřejné)

Founded 2002; supports the use of referendums and other forms of direct democracy to increase public involvement in politics.


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