Administrative Division

Bulgaria is situated in the south-eastern Europe, on the western coast of the Black Sea. The country borders to Romania in the north, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia in the west, and finally to Greece and Turky in the south.

Bulgaria has two levels of local government. At the intermediate level, substansive administrative reforms have been carried out: in 1999, the nine regions (oblasti), which had been operative in the period 1987-1999, were replaced with 29 regions that largely coincide with the pre-1987 okrygs (which numbered 28 units). The regions are administered by governors appointed by the Council of Ministers. The regions are further subdivided about 270 municipalities. Municipality councils and mayors are locally elected authorities.

NUTS structure

Bulgaria has 28 NUTS 3 units, 6 NUTS 2 units and 2 NUTS 1 units.
For electoral purposes, Bulgaria is divided into 31 districts. Three districts belong to the NUTS 3 unit of Sofia Stolitza and two districts belong to Pleven.

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
BG Bulgaria      
BG31     Severozapaden  
BG311       Vidin
BG312       Montana
BG313       Vratsa
BG314       Pleven
BG315       Lovech
BG32     Severen tsentralen  
BG321       Veliko Tarnovo
BG322       Gabrovo
BG323       Ruse
BG324       Razgrad
BG325       Silistra
BG33     Severoiztochen  
BG331       Varna
BG332       Dobrich
BG333       Shumen
BG334       Targovishte
BG34     Yugoiztochen  
BG341       Burgas
BG342       Sliven
BG343       Yambol
BG344       Stara Zagora
BG41     Yugozapaden  
BG411       Sofia (stolitsa)
BG412       Sofia
BG413       Blagoevgrad
BG414       Pernik
BG415       Kyustendil
BG42     Yuzhen tsentralen  
BG421       Plovdiv
BG422       Haskovo
BG423       Pazardzhik
BG424       Smolyan
BG425       Kardzhali