Administrative Division

Austria is situated in Central Europe and borders on no less than eight countries. Moving clockwise from Burgenland these are Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the Czech Republic respectively.

The constitution defines a federal form of government, with duties and responsibilities being divided between the central government and the nine constituent states (Länder): Burgenland, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, and Vienna. Within these states are subordinate districts (Bezirke), whose basic function is to carry out state and federal government tasks. The basic units of Government are municipalities (Ortsgemeinden).

NUTS structure

Austria has 35 NUTS 3 units, 9 NUTS 2 units and 3 NUTS 1 units. The nine Länder corresponds to the NUTS 2 units, while NUTS 3 units consist of groups of districts (Bezirke).

Code Country NUTS 1 NUTS 2 NUTS 3
AT11     Burgenland  
AT111       Mittelburgenland
AT112       Nordburgenland
AT113       Südburgenland
AT12     Niederösterreich  
AT121       Mostviertel-Eisenwurzen
AT122       Niederösterreich-Süd
AT123       Sankt Pölten
AT124       Waldviertel
AT125       Weinviertel
AT126       Wiener Umland/Nordteil
AT127       Wiener Umland/Südteil
AT13     Wien  
AT130       Wien
AT21     Kärnten  
AT211       Klagenfurt-Villach
AT212       Oberkärnten
AT213       Unterkärnten
AT22     Steiermark  
AT221       Graz
AT222       Liezen
AT223       Östliche Obersteiermark
AT224       Oststeiermark
AT225       West- und Südsteiermark
AT226       Westliche Obersteiermark
AT31     Oberösterreich   
AT311       Innvierte
AT312       Linz-Wels
AT313       Mühlviertel
AT314       Steyr-Kirchdorf
AT315       Traunviertel
AT32     Salzburg  
AT321       Lungau
AT322       Pinzgau-Pongau
AT323       Salzburg und Umgebung
AT33     Tirol  
At331       Außerfern
AT332       Innsbruck
AT333       Osttirol
AT334       Tiroler Oberland
AT335       Tiroler Unterland
AT34     Vorarlberg  
AT341       Bludenz-Bregenzer Wald
AT342       Rheintal

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Eurostat: Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics - NUTS Statistical Regions of Europe