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NSD Archiving

NSD archives research data on people and society to make sure the data can be shared and that it is available for reuse in research. We continuously enrich our data collections with data that can be compared with other data to provide a richer basis for research.

The purpose is to offer a storage solution and make data available for researchers in Norway and abroad, especially within the social sciences, humanities but also for medical and health research.

We archive data from relevant projects within these subject areas on behalf of the Research Council of Norway.

We do not offer temporary storage of data, i.e. storage of data that is still being collected and processed.

Data that should be archived at NSD

NSD’s main focus is quantitative data matrices on individuals, organisations, administrative, political, and geographical actors. We also include other data types when they fall within our selection criteria.

Requirements for data to be included in the NSD collection:

  • The data is digital and is about people and society.
  • Data is valid, reliable and up to date.
  • Data has a reusability value by being well documented and having sufficient contextual material.
  • For qualitative data, permission to archive and share the data with indirect personal identifiers is obtained.

Archiving data

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What do we do with the data?

To ensure reusability, data must be archived and made available according to the existing ethical and legal frameworks. Data archived at NSD have an increased value thanks to a thorough and continuous curation process, carried out to ensure that they comply with the FAIR data principles.

New data received by NSD goes through several review stages, both in terms of technical requirements and depending on whether the data contains personal information. This is the case both for additions to large existing data collections and data sets from an individual researcher.

Furthermore, we ensure that the data material is documented in a way that ensures that researchers who wish to use data, have all the necessary information. NSD uses recognised standards for metadata such as DDI and Dublin Core.


Certified archive

NSD's archive for research data meet the criteria for being a Trusted Digital Repository, and is certified with the CoreTrustSeal.

We are the Norwegian Service Provider for CESSDA ERIC. Since 2014, NSD has had an agreement with the National Archives of Norway to archive research data to ensure that valuable data remains available in the future.

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